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Thursday PM Tours and Workshops

2019 EMG College – Resources


Master Gardener volunteers air layer fig branches

Air layering was one of several techniques covered in the plant propagation workshop.

Diagnostic Workshop for Master Gardener Volunteers – Dr. Matt Bertone, Mike Munster

The Evolution of Pest Resistance – Ryan Adams

Plant IdentificationDr. Alexander Krings

Plant Propagation Techniques – Lis Meyer

Pollinator Conservation in NC – Gabriela Garrison, Angel Hjarding, Elsa Youngsteadt, Hanna Levenson


Permaculture at 610 Kirby Street

N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Agronomic Lab

* The EMG Intranet,, is a password protected website for NC Extension Master Gardener volunteers. Not an Extension Master Gardener volunteer? Contact your local county Extension center to learn how you could become one!