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NC State Extension

NC EMG License Plate

Extension Master Gardener license plate
Purchasing a Master Gardener volunteer license plate is a great way to show your pride AND support the NC State Extension Master Gardener program.
When you purchase the special plate from NCDMV, $10 of the $20 initial purchase price and annual renewal fee goes directly to the NC State Extension Master Gardener Endowment, to provide on-going support for the statewide program and ensures the continued success and impact of NC Master Gardener volunteers.

To purchase or renew your plate:

  • Visit the NCDOT website and log in to the site
  • Click on “Order a Special or Personalized Plate”
  • Click on “Choose a Plate”. From the list of options, select “North Carolina Master Gardener”
  • Continue following the on-screen directions to complete your order
  • $10 of $20 purchase fee goes straight to the NCEMGV Endowment!

Purchase soon if you want the watering can!

License plate with new logo

License plates currently in stock feature the old logo with the watering can as pictured above. When these run out, the plate design will be updated to feature the new logo with the NC State brick and no watering can.